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2021: 3 Supermoons, 2 Blood Moons And A Sunrise ‘Ring Of Fire’ Eclipse

Forbes - Are you one of the millions of people who started watching the night sky in 2020? Maybe it was a hobby and you just wanted to learn a few constellations. Perhaps the stars kept you company. Being immersed in the vastness of the night sky and its unending rhythms—and learning how to know and navigate the night—may even have given you a powerful new perspective.

Either way, you may be now entering your second year of stargazing. The closing weeks of 2020 were impressive indeed, with a dazzling “Christmas Star” or “great conjunction” of planets just before Christmas and a spectacular total solar eclipse, while the preceding months saw a “Blue Moon” on Halloween and a stunning and rare bright Comet NEOWISE in July.

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Now get ready for a new line-up of intoxicating celestial sights! Here are the highlights for stargazers, moongazers and sky-watchers in 2021.

Three supermoons

When: Monday, April 27, 2021/ Wednesday, May 26, 2021/Thursday, June 24, 2021

Where: look east at sunset to see a moonrise

What is a supermoon? It’s a full Moon that coincides (or thereabouts) with the Moon’s perigee—the closest point in the Moon’s monthly orbit that it comes to Earth. It’s a result of the Moon’s orbit being slightly elliptical, which make the full Moon sometimes looks slightly larger. In 2021 that will happen three times: ......READ MORE

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