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70 Christians Released from African Prisons as Killing & Looting Continue from Tigray, Ethiopia

CBN - Within the past month, 70 Christians have been released from three prisons in Eritrea, Africa.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) reports that six women were freed on Jan. 27 after they were arrested last September for publicly worshipping outside in Dekemhare.

On Feb. 1, the government released 21 female and 43 male prisoners who had been detained near the capital city of Asmara. Some of them had been imprisoned for up to 12 years without ever being charged or tried in court.

Some say the news of the release of these persecuted Christians is an effort to shift attention away from the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region. As CBN News has reported, there have been several media reports highlighting senseless killings, human rights violations, and possibly genocide.

"This good news must not obscure the....READ MORE

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