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Abortion Coverage Is Like Cancer Coverage, Democratic Rep. Says in Opposing Pro-Life Amendment

Christian Headlines - House Democrats this week defeated amendments to the COVID relief bill that would have prevented taxpayer dollars from funding abortion within subsidized insurance plans.

At issue was the relief package’s subsidizing of Cobra insurance, which allows unemployed individuals to temporarily remain on their previous employer’s health care plans.

In two committee hearings, Republicans offered amendments to the bill that would have added Hyde Amendment-type language preventing the subsidies from going toward abortion coverage in Cobra policies.

Democrats defeated the amendments along party-line votes. In the House Ways and Means Committee, the amendment lost, 24-18, and in the House Education and Labor Committee, it was defeated, 27-21.

Democratic Rep. Judy Chu (Calif.) compared abortion coverage to cancer coverage, arguing both were necessary in insurance plans.

The Hyde Amendment is a legislative provision....READ MORE

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