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China Cracks Down on Christmas by Closing Churches, Banning Singing

Christian Headlines - Christians in one part of China were greeted with government-backed anti-Christmas protests in December as part of a nationwide crackdown on Christmas, according to a new report.

Bitter Winter, which monitors religious liberty violations in China, reported Dec. 28 that Christians experienced “worse than usual” persecution this holiday season.

In one city, protesters walked through the streets carrying a Chinese flag and a sign reading, “Christmas, Get Out of China!”

“Of course, in China there is no such a thing as a spontaneous street protest,” Bitter Winter reported. “All these events are authorized and planned by the CCP – or the protesters would be immediately arrested.”

Even though China tells its citizens the pandemic has been defeated, the government nevertheless used COVID-19 as a reason to close churches this Christmas season.

For example:

- Riot police in Beijing prevented Christians from entering the Catholic Cathedral of the Savior, also known as Xishiku Church. A sign read: “Due to the pandemic, all....READ MORE

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