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Denmark Considering Forcing Churches to Submit All Sermons to the Government


ETN - In a new measure to prevent fueling Islamic extremism the Denmark Government is considering reviewing all sermon material.

It's aimed to prevent the preaching of Jihad out of mosques. However in a move to be politically correct the government is including Christian Churches.

Christian church leaders are at odds with the proposed law and the future dangers it could bring.

Church of England Bishop Robert Innes wrote a letter to Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen expressing it was "overly restrictive"

Innes expressed to the newspaper he worried this would replicate through out Europe.

Rev. Smitha Prasadam the Anglican Chaplin in Denmark expressed her concern to the Danish Daily Newspaper telling them, "Any sermon depends on Biblical text and context; the scripted and unscripted; the dynamic between preacher and congregation … in a translation, how would nuance, meaning, and emphasis be carried?" Prasadam asked. "There is a degree of sophistication which would demand more professional skill which would then carry time and financial implications. Sermon preparation varies in content and delivery. Sometimes I write out the whole script. Other times headlines or bullet points only. Sometimes (even when I have a whole scripted sermon to hand) I preach off the cuff as prompted by the Holy Spirit."

Innes also told the website Anglican Ink that if a preacher is required to send to the government after being translated to Danish is a violation of freedom of speech.

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