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Expect 2021 Surveillance To Get Even More Intrusive

PNW - Location tracking apps. Spyware to enforce quarantine. Immunity passports. Throughout 2020, governments around the world deployed invasive surveillance technologies to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

But heavy-handed tactics like these undercut public trust in government, precisely when trust is needed most. They also invade our privacy and chill our free speech. And all too often, surveillance technologies disparately burden people of color.

In the United States, EFF and other digital rights advocates turned back some of the worst proposals. But they'll be back in 2021. Until the pandemic ends, we must hold the line against ill-considered surveillance technologies.

Automated contact tracing apps

Contact tracing is a common public health response to contagious disease. In its traditional form, officials interview an infected person to determine who they had contact with, and then interview those people, too. Many have sought to automate this process with new technologies. But an app will not save us.

Some proposals would be simultaneously privacy-invasive and ineffective. For example, tracking our location with GPS or cell-site location information (CSLI) would expose whether we attended a union....READ MORE

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