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Fears of violence grow amid threats to election officials, lawmakers

The Hill - Intimidation and threats to election officials and lawmakers are feeding fears about violence amid calls by President Trump’s supporters to stop the certification of election results.

Reports about threats began circulating within weeks of the election, with Arizona officials announcing on Nov. 17 that they were looking into an apparent death threat against Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D).

In Georgia, state lawmakers have come under threat.

In an interview with The Hill this week, Gabriel Sterling, a top election official in Georgia, criticized President Trump for continuing to “feed the fire” of voter fraud disinformation and urged him to “act more responsibly.”

Sterling the previous week made an emotional and widely broadcast appeal to Trump and other Republicans to condemn violent threats against election officials.

“Someone’s going to get hurt. Someone’s going to get shot,” he said during a press conference.

Sterling told The Hill he was motivated to issue his plea after he received a call about a young IT contractor for Dominion Voting Systems who had been targeted with a tweet that included a picture of a noose and accused the contractor of “treason.”

Trump has promoted a false narrative about Dominion vote counting software deleting or switching Trump votes.

While this claim, among others, has been disputed by election officials and courts, Trump continues to advance allegations of stolen ballots and a rigged election on social media. Twitter has........READ MORE

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