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Harbinger Author, Jonathan Cahn Reissues George Washington's Prophetic Warning for Biden & America

CBN- Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of the bestselling prophetic books The Harbinger series including last year's The Harbinger II: The Return, says America is standing at its most critical moment, and he's calling out President Biden in the process.

In a 13-minute on-camera video released to social media, Cahn shares a prophetic warning, saying America will suffer the spiritual consequences if Biden doesn't modern his political agenda.

Cahn begins by citing George Washington's prophetic warning to America that he gave during the very first presidential address to the nation.

"The propitious smiles of heaven cannot be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right that heaven itself has ordained," Washington said 232 years ago.

Cahn explains, "In other words, if America followed the ways of God, his eternal rules of order and right, the blessings of God would remain upon it. But if America should ever depart from the ways of God, then his blessings....READ MORE

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