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India-Pakistan crisis: UN Chief warns about disastrous war of ‘unmitigated proportions’

Daily Express - INDIA and Pakistan going to war would be a "disaster of unmitigated proportions", according to the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN).

Mr. Guterres was asked by a Pakistani journalist about his statement in 2019, where he called for maximum restraint from both countries over Kashmir and Jammu, and whether it still applies to recent tensions.

He said in a press briefing on Tuesday: “I think it’s absolutely essential for the two countries to be able to come together and seriously discuss their problems, and I think it’s essential that human rights are fully respected in all territories that you mentioned.

“Now, things have not moved in the right direction. Our good offices are always available, and we will insist within it on finding peaceful solutions for problems that have no military solution.

“It is clear, when seeing Pakistan and India, any military confrontation between the two would be a disaster of unmitigated proportions for both countries and for the whole world.”....READ MORE

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