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Indonesian Christian Men Publicly Flogged 40 Times as Part of 'Brutal, Barbaric' Islamic Law

Jan. 28, 2021. (AP photo/Riska Munawarah)

CBN- Shocking news emerged from the heavily Islamic province of Aceh of Indonesia after reports of two Christian men being flogged for breaking Islamic rules.

According to Agence France Press (AFP), a masked officer whipped the men 40 times on her backs with a stick on Monday in view of the public.

The two men had been drinking alcohol and gambling – a criminal offense under Islamic sharia law. One of the men, named JF, said he chose flogging over receiving criminal charges and the possibility of up to six months in jail.

"The sharia police gave us options and we consciously decided to comply with the Islamic criminal code," JF said to AFP.

Indonesia has the world's largest population of Muslims. Flogging of non-Muslims is unusual in most parts of the country, however, there have been several instances over the past few years where individuals were whipped....READ MORE

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