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Iran Now One Step Away from Weapons-Grade Uranium, Leaders Scramble for New Nuclear Deal

CBN - JERUSALEM, Israel - Iran denied a request by French President Emmanuel Macron to include Saudi Arabia in negotiations for a new nuclear agreement.

President Macron warns that time is growing short to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

Iran says it’s reaching its goal of producing 20% enriched uranium faster than expected. Twenty percent uranium is one step away from weapons-grade uranium.

"We were supposed to produce 120 kilograms of 20% enriched uranium annually but now in less than one month, we have enriched about 17 kilograms which is even ahead of our timetable,” said Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf, the speaker of the Iranian parliament.

While the Biden administration says it wants to negotiate a stronger, better nuclear deal, Iran and its ally Turkey refused that offer. Iran wants to use its leverage to drop the economic sanctions.

"I should emphasize this: America was the one who withdrew from the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and breached its...READ MORE

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