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Is Joe Biden Connected to the Federal Investigation of Hunter Biden's Deals in Ukraine and China?

Image Credit : CBN

CBN - As Joe Biden is preparing to assume the presidency on January 20, an ongoing federal investigation into his family's business dealings will follow him to the White House. Although it's his son, Hunter, under investigation, there are new questions about what the elder Biden knew and when he knew it.

The investigation of Hunter Biden was first initiated in 2018 as a money-laundering probe but has now morphed into much more including business dealings in China and potential violations of tax laws from earnings in Ukraine. It's also expanded to include his uncle James Biden. Last week, Hunter Biden announced that he is under investigation for possible tax fraud. Reports indicate the allegation stems chiefly from $400,000 in unreported income he received in 2017 while sitting on the board of Ukraine natural gas company Burisma. It was a year Biden reportedly netted $1.2 million in income.

"I take this matter very seriously," Hunter Biden said in...READ MORE

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