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ISIS Affiliates Turning Africa into New Jihadist Battleground

CBN - More than a year after the defeat of ISIS in Syria, the Islamic terror group is turning its sights on Africa.

The continent is currently witnessing a spree of terror attacks inspired by ISIS-affiliated groups.

On November 6, a CIA officer, formerly of the Navy's elite SEAL Team 6, was killed in an explosion set off by the Somali-based Islamic terror group al-Shabaab.

The CIA operative, along with four Somali officers, reportedly died during a raid on the group's suspected hideout south of Mogadishu.

Four days later, on November 10, ISIS-linked fighters behead 50 people in a soccer stadium in northeast Mozambique.

Then on November 29th, Boko Haram Islamic fighters slaughter 110 Nigerian farmers, men and women, attacked in their rice fields.

Steve Killelea tracks terror around the globe for the Australia-based Institute for Economics and Peace.

He tells CBN News that the center of gravity for ISIS and other Islamic terror organizations is clearly moving.... READ MORE

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