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Joe Biden says he's leaning on prayer to lead because it ‘gives me hope and centers me’

The Christian Post - President Joe Biden, who is only the second Catholic president of the United States, says he’s leaning on prayer to help him lead the nation through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis.

“I don't want to proselytize. My religion, for me, is a safe place. I never miss mass, because I can be alone. I mean, I'm with my family, but just kind of absorbing the fundamental principle that you've got to treat everyone with dignity,” Biden, 78, stated ina recent interview with People magazine in which the president was asked if he leans on prayer to help him lead.

“Jill, when she wants me to get a real message, she tapes it on the mirror above the sink where I shave. And she put up a great quote from [Danish philosopher] Kierkegaard saying, ‘Faith sees best in the dark.’ Other people may meditate. For me, prayer gives me hope, and it centers me.”

Biden’s comments to People come as American Catholics remain divided over whether he should be treated as a model of their faith despite his support for policy positions that conflict with the Catholic Church’s teachings. Areas of contention include his stances on abortion rights, contraception, same-sex marriage and....READ MORE

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