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LGBT Activist Group Calls for Biden to Target Christian Schools

Photo - CBN NEWS

CBN - A prominent LGBT rights group is trying to persuade former Vice President Joe Biden and his presumptive administration to adopt guidelines that could lead to the closing of private Christian colleges and universities.

Activists at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have written a document titled Blueprint for Positive Change, which gives 85 pro-LGBT policy and legislative recommendations for a potential Biden administration to enact.

One of the proposals in the HRC's document calls for the US Department of Education to eliminate all exceptions for faith-based colleges and universities if they "discriminate or do not meet science-based curricula standards."

Last month, Dr. Al Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, warned about the HRC's document in a commentary, which he called "a direct threat to Christian education."

The word "discrimination," he advised, is the key to what could come next.

"The Blueprint is not ambiguous—it makes detailed policy positions and recommendations, department by department, for the Biden Administration to deploy once the president-elect assumes......READ MORE

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