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Prophetic Movement Must Repent of 'Idolatry' of Trump and Politics, Jeremiah Johnson Says

Christian Headlines - A well-known pastor in the modern prophetic movement is calling on leaders and members within the movement to repent of what he calls “idolatry” of “prophets and politicians,” including Donald Trump.

Jeremiah Johnson of Jeremiah Johnson Ministries made the comments in two new videos titled “I Was Wrong” that were directed at Christians and those within the prophetic movement. Johnson famously predicted in 2015 that Trump would win the 2016 election, and then in 2020 predicted he would win re-election, saying he believed God had spoken to him in a dream. On Jan. 7, he apologized for falsely saying Trump would win.

Although Johnson has acknowledged he was wrong, many others have not. A Politico story this week spotlighted several prophets who believe Trump still will somehow recapture the presidency this year.

“I believe what has happened in this last election cycle is that God has graciously intervened and exposed the idolatry of modern-day prophetic ministry,” Johnson says. “There is mass repentance and humility that God wants to take place among prophets and even saints who have placed men and women in a position of authority that only Jesus Christ should ever be in.”

“... I believe that these conspiracy theories, the Q....READ MORE

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