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Radical Muslim Mob Attacks Christian Villagers in Egypt

CBN - JERUSALEM, Israel – Tensions are running high in the Egyptian village of Barsha after a mob of radical Muslims attacked local Christians over allegations that a Coptic Christian man posted a comment on his Facebook page they deemed insulting to Islam.

The violence broke out on the evening of Nov. 25 when hundreds of radical Muslim men from Barsha and nearby villages began attacking Christian property with clubs, bricks, and Molotov cocktails, according to reports from Christian persecution watchdog groups. An elderly woman was hospitalized for burns suffered in her home, Independent Catholic News reported.

When the mob attempted to attack the home of the Christian man accused of posting the Facebook comment, his moderate Muslim neighbor stepped in. The neighbor hid the man and his family in his own home and protected them from the violent mob.

The angry crowd also attempted to break into the Abu-Siefeen Coptic Orthodox church where Christians were worshipping that evening. The parishioners locked themselves inside until local police arrived and used tear gas to disperse the rioters.

Later, Major General Mahmoud Khalil held a meeting......READ MORE

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