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Rumors of War: South Korea scrambles fighters to intercept 19 Russian and Chinese aircraft

Daily Express - SOUTH KOREA has scrambled a team of fighter jets after 19 Russian and Chinese military aircraft flew close to its air space, sparking fears of World War 3.

The South Korean military has confirmed it has deployed a team of warplanes after detecting four Chinese and 15 Russian-flagged aircraft had intruded into its Air Defence Identification Zone (KAIDZ). South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said the air force had been tasked with taking tactical measures to combat the foreign planes.

The JCS has said it believes China and Russia were conducting a joint military training exercise but added there needed to be a further investigation.

In a statement, the JCS said: “This incident seems to be a joint military drill between China and Russia but it requires a further analysis.”

An Air Defence Zone is an area which stretches beyond the perimeter of a country’s national airspace.

It is not regarded as a territorial space but is used by a country to provide an early warning system to a possible....READ MORE

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