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Six Months After COVID-19 Hospitalization, 76% of Patients Report Symptoms

The Jerusalem Post - Over three quarters of COVID-19 patients still exhibit at least one ongoing symptom, most commonly fatigue and muscle weakness, six months after they began showing symptoms, a new cohort study which was published in The Lancet medical journal on Friday found.

The study looked at the long-term effects of COVID-19 on 1,733 patients who were hospitalized in Wuhan, China, which was the disease's first epicenter.

During the study, all patients underwent face-to-face interviews to evaluate their symptoms and health-related quality of life, as well as physical exams, lab tests and a six-minute walking test to gauge patients' endurance levels.

In addition, 390 patients underwent further tests, including an assessment of lung function, and 94 patients whose blood antibody levels were recorded at the height of the infection as part of another trial received a follow-up test.

It found that of the 76% of patients who experienced at least one continued symptom, 63% experienced fatigue or muscle weakness, 26% experienced sleep difficulties, 23% reported anxiety or....READ MORE

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