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Supreme Court Sides With Churches Challenging COVID-19 Worship Restrictions in Colorado, New Jersey

Christian Post - The United States Supreme Court has issued orders vacating lower court decisions against churches suing Colorado and New Jersey over each state’s restrictions on worship gatherings.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court issued an order in the case of Robinson v. Murphy vacating an order from Oct. 2 by a district court in New Jersey against a Catholic priest and a Jewish rabbi who sued the state over worship gathering restrictions.

Also on Tuesday, the high court issued a separate order in the case of High Plains Harvest Church v. Polis, in which a Colorado church challenged the restrictions in that state.

The Supreme Court vacated an Aug. 10 order by a Colorado district court against High Plains Harvest Church, although with this order Justice Elena Kagan dissented.

“I respectfully dissent because this case is moot. High Plains Harvest Church has sought to enjoin Colorado’s capacity limits on worship services. But Colorado has lifted all those limits,” wrote Kagan, being joined by Justices Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor.

“Absent our issuing different guidance, there is no reason to think Colorado will reverse course—and so no reason to think Harvest Church will again face capacity limits.” As part of its response to COVID-19, Colorado had limited in-person worship services to 50 attendees, even though gatherings like protests were not held to the same attendance...READ MORE

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