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The Mark of the Beast 666

ETN - I want to start by asking you a question. If the end of the world was to begin to unfold, if biblical prophecy was to begin to unfold today, tomorrow, or even next week, are you prepared?

Do you know enough about end-time prophecy to understand the sequence

of events that will come to pass?

Could you speak to it well enough to tell people, to warn people ahead of time so those people could ultimately wholly commit their lives to the Lord? We will see events start to unfold even before the Rapture.

Jesus told us no one would know the day or the hour of his return, so whether it's this generation or a future generation, there will be a generation that will have to deal with the reality of the situation.

Today I want to discuss end-time prophecy, specifically the mark of the beast and the number 666. End-time prophecy is something I’m incredibly passionate about. I believe prophecy shows the love, the mercy, and the character of our Lord and Savior. You see, the lord gives us prophecy to build our faith and to be prepared. The lord tells us that so we are to be ready for his coming. He gives us prophecy because He tells His friends before he does anything. Prophecy provides revelation and builds faith to draw us closer to him, evangelize and commit ourselves fully. Prophecy is not made to scare Christians. Sometimes Christians are scared of biblical prophecy. For them, it provides a lot of anxiety and or fear. End-time prophecy should provide us with hope, courage, and the promise our Lord has made to take us to our rightful place. You see, God is merciful, but God is also just.

In the late 90s, my wife Keri and I attended ministry training, and I remember biblical prophecy giving me passion. I remember thinking I'm the prince of a king whose kingdom will never end!. That's amazing and humbling.

When I looked at the bible and saw how big it was, it was such a revelation to me

that God has so much to tell us. There are so many things he wants to say. I was blown away by his commitment to communicating with us. More than 25% of the Bible is prophecy. Some fulfilled, some yet to be fulfilled. God wants us to know what he will do, his architectural plan from now through the end, to the ultimate glorious appearance of the Lord.

It amazed me then and amazes me today. He cares and loves us enough He wants us

to know these things and even more.

Before I get to the topic of the Mark of the Beast and the number 666, there are end-time prophecies scattered throughout the entire Bible. There are prophecies in the Book of Ezekiel, Daniel, the book of Revelation, and on and on. Today we're specifically going to look at the book of Revelation. The book of Revelation authorship is credited to the Apostle John. John was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus. John is someone that walked with Jesus, ate with Jesus, and understood his teaching firsthand. At the same time, there is some speculation in later times of who wrote the book of Revelation. Second-century writers and historical scholars agree that John the Apostle is the one that wrote the book of Revelation.

When we look at the Book of Revelation, we will hit only the tip of the iceberg today on Biblical prophecy, but in the coming weeks, we will talk more about end-time prophecy and other prophecies.

I want to build a structure before we dive into this one specific part. When we talk about end-time prophecy, there are some key elements to remember. There will be a seven-year time period called the tribulation. It begins with the signing of a peace treaty with Israel. Scripture points to the person who makes this treaty with Israel as the Anti Christ. The Anti Christ will break the treaty with Israel, he will declare himself God, and many people will be deceived. The first 3.5 years, God pours his wrath out on the Earth. The last 3.5 years, God pours his wrath out on humanity. At the end of the seven years, Jesus will make his glorious appearance and Christ will establish his kingdom on Earth for 1000 years. There is more that happens before, during, and after the tribulation.

So who is the Antichrist or the Beast? The bible says the antichrist is an individual that will come on the world scene. This person will create a treaty with Israel, will create a one-world currency, one more government, and a one-world faith. This is somebody who will become a one-world leader for all intensive purposes. The bible uses the word beast or antichrist, which will ultimately lead people away from the Lord.

Scripture is clear that this "person" will be taken over at some point during this seven-year period, and the Devil himself will incarnate this person. Meaning the devil will take possession of this person's body.

Now you say, what is the Mark of the Beast and who would ever take the Mark of the Beast? You might say, who's ever going to trust, believe or have faith in the devil? But the devil is not going to say," I'm the devil, worship me!” He will be everything that people would hope and want in the world. As we know, the world is fallen. The world and the Devil try to convince us if we just do that one thing we’ll feel better and that one thing that makes us feel better in that moment buy could destroy our lives. All the lies that the world is what the Devil will be. The Antichrist will come providing what looks like a hope he's going to come trying to deliver everything that people want but ultimately, it would lead to destruction. His plans are always lies and deception wrapped up in everything our flesh wants.

Revelation chapter 13 verse 16-18 says, "16He required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. 17And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name. 18Wisdom is needed here. Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666.

While this might be the most well-known prophecy in the Bible, I've gotten so many phone calls, emails, and social media responses about the Beast’s Mark. People comment on random social media sites saying, "Don't do this it's the Mark of the Beast and a lot of that is probably coming about based upon the challenges the world is facing today with this pandemic, the vaccine, uprising rioting etc. People are looking out for what could be the Mark of the Beast.

One thing we need to be clear about, the Mark of the Beast is one thing everyone will be given a choice to take or reject. By taking it, you are worshiping the Beast. Without it you cannot

buy or sell anything. Now there is a significant point here we have to look at, and it has enormous spiritual connotations. People will be pledging their allegiance and worshipping the beast. This choice is a final decision.

People will be pledging their allegiance of worship the Antichrist. You can't take it back and YOU CAN"T TAKE IT BY ACCIDENT. You will know 100% what you are doing.

If a person refuses to take the Mark of the Beast they will be pu to death and the Bible tells us clearly that the Lord will be with each person who doesn't take the Mark

of the Beast. The Lord will comfort them. Some people may say well, this might not be relevant to me because I'm a Christian, and I would go in the rapture. I will speak to this for just a second, but we will talk about the Rapture in the coming weeks.

The Rapture is the Lord removing His followers. Scripture says it will happen in the twinkle of an eye, and all believers will be removed. There is some speculation among theologians of when this catching away (Rapture) will happen with regard to the seven years. Some believe it will happen at the beginning of the seven years or even before, some believe it will happen in the middle of the seven years, and others believe it will be closer to the end. I have my own opinion, but we know one thing, whether all the Christians are taken before the Mark of the Beast or not, there will be Christ-followers who will have to make that decision. It could be they came to faith after the rapture and refuse to take the mark because they understand what it is. That decision not to take the mark will lead to death. They could starve to death, it would mean their kids would starve to death. Jesus said those that remain faithful to the end will be saved. Those people have to remember this life is temporary. Would it be hard to watch your kids starve to death? Absolutely but they will have to remain faithful to the end.

I want to be clear and say it again, when someone takes the mark, it is a final decision. They will know exactly what they are doing and won't be tricked into it.

The significance of this mark is that the scripture tells us it's either on the hand or on the forehead, and many people nowadays say it’s a chip implant or a tattoo among other things.

While all these things may appear to be possible, we really don't know. With modern technology, we can see how the prophecy could easily be fulfilled. In this day and age it seems easy how these things could be implemented.

In Christ,

Tyson Cobb

Pastor & Evangelist

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