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This Lawmaker's Powerful Prayer Was Captured on Video Inside the Capitol as Many Braced for Violence

CBN - As glass shattered nearby and lawmakers were told to shelter in place while rioters stormed into the Capitol on Wednesday, a powerful prayer rose above the noise and the fear of that moment.

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-DE) huddled with those around her, but she clearly refused to cower, choosing to speak faith and God's power despite the terror around her.

Her plea to heaven could be heard on camera, rising above the shouting and the chaos.

"Father God you are all-powerful. We know all things work together for the good. So we trust in you right now in the name of Jesus, that you have this under control. Right now in the name of Jesus! All things work together, all things! PEACE! Peace in the land... Peace in this country... Peace....READ MORE

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