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Thousands of Depraved Women Celebrate in Streets as Argentina Legalizes Abortion

Christian News - BUENOS AIRES — Thousands of depraved women cheered, cried, chanted and danced in the streets on Wednesday after Argentina’s Senate voted to legalize the murder of unborn children up to 14 weeks (nearly four months gestation). Abortion had previously been outlawed in the country, with the exception of rape and the life of the mother.

“Women screamed with delight, sweeping their friends into tight hugs and jumping in ecstasy. Many wept tears of joy. Victory music kicked in and green smoke filled the air,” the Guardian described the gathering outside of the Congressional Palace. “A triumphant message flashed up on a big screen above the joyful crowd: ‘We did it!’ it said. ‘ES LEY!’ (IT’S LAW!).”

In the middle of the night, the Senate voted 38-29 to pass the legislation, two weeks after the Chamber of Deputies approved the measure 131-117.

Women dressed in green and holding green handkerchiefs similarly broke out into loud cheers and hugged each other on Dec. 11 following the lower house vote.

Both instances were captured on video by multiple sources and were characterized by Christians as “utterly depraved.” See here and here, as well as above and below...READ MORE

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