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Tonight - 'Christmas Star' to Appear Dec. 21: Here's What Astronomy Says About The Star of Bethlehem

CBN - It's a moment that many people have been talking about all month, and now it's finally here. Tonight, you can witness an incredible event in the night sky that has not been seen in almost eight centuries.

The two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, will align on Dec. 21 to create what's sometimes referred to as the "Christmas Star".

When the planets line up on the day marking the start of the winter solstice, they will appear to form a double planet. It's a rare event and one that hasn't been seen since the Middle Ages, according to Rick Larson from the "Star of Bethlehem" documentary. But in reality, the planets won't be close at all. It will just look like that to viewers on Earth.

"What's happening on Dec. 21st, as beautiful as it is, is not the Star of Bethlehem," Larson tells CBN News. This Christmas Star only involves Jupiter and Saturn, but he believes the real Star of Bethlehem was much more complex, involving two planets along with several other remarkable celestial bodies.

Larson has done a lot of research on this topic, tracing the actual movements of the planets and stars back to the time of Christ. "The Star of Bethlehem is a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus," he explains. "The conjunction, which means a coming together, was so close that they basically stacked like a figure 8 and they didn't obscure one another's brightness, and the result was the brightest star that anyone alive had ever seen."

Theories About the 'Star of Bethlehem'

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