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Trump is Considering New Social Media Platform, says Twitter is 'Boring' & 'We Don't Want to go Back

Blaze - Former President Donald Trump said in a call-in interview that he is considering joining another social media platform and that he wouldn't want to go back to Twitter even if the company lifted its lifetime ban.

The former president called in Wednesday to "Greg Kelly Reports" on Newsmax TV, and talked about the possibility of joining another social media site after his permanent ban on Twitter.

"They wanted me very much on Parler. You know they had a phony report that the man who was there didn't, I mean just the opposite. They really wanted me at Parler," Trump said about the competitor to Twitter.

"You know I had 89 million but that was because they held it back, and on top of that I had 36 million or 39 million on @POTUS, and we had other sites where we had millions and millions of people. So we have, I guess about as big as it gets and likewise on Facebook, and they all want that. And part of the problem is, mechanically....READ MORE

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