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Two of the World's Most Tyrannical Regimes Are Celebrating Trump's Departure

CBN - Two of the world's most dangerous regimes, known for violating human rights on a broad scale and threatening U.S. national security and global peace, are clearly relieved that President Trump is no longer in office and will no longer be around to hold them accountable.

In the Middle East, the radical Islamic terrorism-sponsoring regime in Iran is disparaging the Trump administration and celebrating its end.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani trashed the outgoing president during the inaugural opening of a gas refinery.

"Those who were boastful and conspired and plotted (against Iran) are gone with God's grace on the day that we are inaugurating this big project. They were overthrown shamefully and dishonorably," Rouhani said.

President Trump had strongly confronted the Iranian regime, ending the Obama administration's controversial nuclear deal and killing ....READ MORE

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