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What Type of Love Does God Have For Us? What is Agape Love?

ETN - We hear all the time, God loves us, but what does that mean? Well, it's deeper than you might think. In English, the word love is used to describe anything and everything we have a strong like for all the way to something we deeply care about and or have a deep emotional connection & attachment.

In English, the word love could describe anything from a piece of food we really like all the way to the love we have for our parents, kids, or spouse. We might love all of those things and people, but I'm sure we love our spouse, kids, or parents more than a piece of food. English expresses all of those different feelings and decisions with one word, but there are many different kinds of love even though English uses just one word.

So how or what type of love does God have for us? God loves us with what the Bible Calls Agape love. Agape is a Greek word for love. In Greek, there are at least 4 different words that describe different kinds of love. Agape love is an unconditional, sacrificial type of love. It is the highest of the four types of love in the Bible. You see, God does not merely love us, 1 John 4:8 tells us God is love! Love is God's essence. It's his nature! God's love for us is not an emotional, sentimental kind of love. It's not a warm and fuzzy kind of love but rather an unconditional decision of love. His love for us is a no matter what kind of love. It's a love that always shows by doing. It's even a love for the unlovable. It's a love for people who couldn't repay the love even if they wanted to. It's even a love for your enemy.

Thank God He loves us this way. Because of our sin, we are separated from a perfect and holy God by our sin. Jesus's love for us is evident in his self-sacrifice by dying on the cross. He died in our place. If we believe and follow him, our sins are forgiven. Meaning, if someone repents of their sins and believes in Jesus, trusting in Him alone as their savior, the debt of sin is paid, and we are made right with God. If we follow Jesus, our sins are forgiven, and our eternal fate is with God in Heaven.

Luke 10:27 says we should love God the same way he loves us, with Agape love. A decision of love, it's not an emotion feel fuzzy love; it's an unconditional decision of love. 1 John 3:16 tells us this type of love only comes from God. Because of God's love for us, we're able to love our fellow man the same way. God's love is never-ending. It doesn't matter what you have done in the past. It really really doesn't matter. All that matters is you accept his love and his gift of grace while repenting of your sins and turning toward him.

Don't feel like you're unworthy because you did something terrible in your past. God will forgive you. Jesus has shown us what love really is all about. He knew exactly what would happen to him when he came to earth. He knew he would be tortured and murdered. He could've taken himself off the cross at any time and commanded a legion of angels to his side, but the debt had to be paid.

Jesus has shown us the way. He has always known he would die, and many wouldn't accept him. That's true love.......

Jesus was asked what's the most important law, he replied, to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul. He said the second is like it, to love your neighbor as yourself. He said all the laws and prophets rest on these two laws.

Our job is to love God the way he loves us and love others with that same love. He set the example for us to follow.

Seek Him,

Tyson Cobb

Pastor & Evangelist

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