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While 2nd Impeachment Trial is Ongoing, QAnon Supporters Believe Trump Will Return in March

ABC NEWS - On the eve of the second impeachment, QAnon believers spout false, bizarre conspiracy about Trump returning to office in March.

This comes as some QAnon followers are saying that former President Trump will actually be sworn back into office in a matter of weeks.

The conspiracy theory had convinced some Trump supporters that Biden was not going to be inaugurated on January 20. But as soon as Biden was inaugurated, a new conspiracy theory took hold. Trump will return as president in March, they falsely claim.

The conspiracy theory is apparently rooted in the belief that an 1871 law turned the country into a corporation -- and any president elected after that is illegitimate.

The last president to be sworn in before that law passed was Ulysses S. Grant on March 4, 1869.

It is this latest bizarre conspiracy theory that Trump would be president again in March that made former Qanon believer Ashley Vanderbilt realize the whole thing is a fraud.

Vanderbilt said, "It doesn't make sense that all of this is happening. And then all of a sudden, Trump is going to come back on March 4 and it's going to change. I was like, it just...It doesn't seem right, so that's, I guess, what started...I just had that....READ MORE

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