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WW3 Fears ERUPT as US Official to Visit Taiwan with China Blasting ‘Stupid Move’

Daily Express - THE US Ambassador to the UN will visit Taiwan, Mike Pompeo has confirmed, in a move which will likely infuriate China.

China has claimed sovereignty over the whole of Taiwan, a democracy of around 24 million people.

The two nations have been governed separately for over seven decades.

However, Beijing has claimed ownership of Taiwan under its “One China” policy which demands there is only one sovereign state under the name China.

China’s Communist Party has previously threatened to take Taiwan by force if diplomatic efforts do not succeed.

Mr Pompeo made the Taiwan trip announcement in a statement in which he condemned the mass arrests of 53 democracy activists in Hong Kong.

He labelled the arrests as an “outrage and a reminder of the Chinese Communist Party’s contempt for its own people and the rule of law”.

The US Secretary of State said Washington would consider sanctions and other restrictions on those involved in the Hong Kong....READ MORE

The Daily Express is a daily national middle-market tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom. Published in London, it is the flagship of Express Newspapers, owned by publisher Reach plc. It was first published as a broadsheet in 1900 by Sir Arthur Pearson. Its sister paper, the Sunday Express, was launched in 1918.



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