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Yellowstone Volcano 'Colossal Eruption' Not Biggest Worry as US Warned of Forgotten Danger

Daily Express - Volcanologist and Yellowstone volcano expert Clive Oppenheimer argued that a super eruption is unlikely. During an interview with Express.co.uk, he said a danger that was concerning were large and small steam explosions. He said these were much more frequent than a massive eruption.

Mr Oppenheimer said: "Well, there are a lot of potential scenarios for a future eruption at the Yellowstone volcano.

"The one that people get excited about and keen on is the chance of a colossal eruption, what we might call a super eruption but that is a very rare event.

"The probability of that is exceedingly low probably less than 1 in a million per year.

"But what is more likely are smaller events as there are a whole range of things volcanos can do."....READ MORE

The Daily Express is a daily national middle-market tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom. Published in London, it is the flagship of Express Newspapers, owned by publisher Reach plc. It was first published as a broadsheet in 1900 by Sir Arthur Pearson. Its sister paper, the Sunday Express, was launched in 1918.



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